We've Got You Covered
From Start to Finish

We supply everything you need from the time you collect the sample all the way through interpreting your results. And we're here for you every step of the way. We provide collection kits, a specimen collection manual, shipping materials and personal access to a toxicologist for support, questions and guidance. 


We supply everything you need to collect forensic samples and ship them to our facility. And we offer free monitoring of your supplies so you'll always be prepared. Contact us to order your forensic sample kits today.

Specimen Collection

We provide you with easy-to-understand instructions for sample collection, requisition and chain-of-custody form completion, packaging and shipping of forensic cases and samples to our lab. We also provide information on post-testing storage and extended specimen retention.

Forensic Toxicology Results

Our secure environment, coupled with leading-edge instrumentation means you receive consistently accurate results every single time. And with our personal service and extended hours, it's like having a toxicologist on staff without the added cost.