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Expert Interpretation of Forensic Toxicology Analysis That
Stands Up in Court

Let's face it, at one time or another even the most skilled experts need help. With more than 20 years of experience, our toxicologists are trusted by attorneys, judges, colleagues and peers from across the country to provide comprehensive, expert interpretation of results that stand up in criminal and civil proceedings. We specialize in providing accurate information in simple terms that anyone can understand without compromising the science. Our reputation stands on the science of toxicology, which means we don't bend interpretations for a specific outcome. We provide accurate, honest and comprehensive analysis of results each and every time.


Consulting Services

Comprehensive Interpretation

Our experts are trusted by even the most experienced toxicologists to provide adept and accurate interpretation of results. Whether you need help fully comprehending test results or need assistance presenting results to colleagues or inexperienced groups, we are here for you. 

Expert Testimony

With more than 20 years of expert testimony in criminal and civil proceedings, we know that forensic toxicology results can be hard for judges and juries to understand. That is why we specialize in providing expert interpretation of results in simple, yet accurate, terms that remove confusion without confusing the science.

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