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Comprehensive Testing, Backlog Reduction, Expert Witness, Consulting & Directed Testing

We bank our reputation on the quality and integrity of our work. Our comprehensive panel and state-of-the-art technology require small volumes of sample, which results in faster turnaround times and broader capabilities. These small sample sizes also may be useful when examining pediatric drug and chemical exposure. You can count on us to consistently generate legally defensible results for postmortem and human impairment testing.


Comprehensive Testing

Our postmortem toxicological testing identifies and measures hundreds of compounds. With low cut-off levels and advanced methodology, our results offer the answers you need to make informed decision.

Backlog Reduction

Let us help you get back on track - and fast. We offer cost-efficient drug and alcohol analysis to help reduce backlog without compromising results. Whether you use us once or make us an ongoing partner, you'll save time & money.

Expert Witness
& Consulting

We offer expert interpretation of forensic toxicology test results to provide you with the answers you need to make informed decisions. We also provide expert testimony in simple terms to be used in criminal and civil proceedings. 

Directed Testing & Other Testing

We provide a full range of drug and alcohol analysis, including clinical testing, human performance toxicology, doping control, workplace drug testing, designer drugs and more. 

Our Services

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